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Jaime Eduardo Sanchez, MD
Specialty: Colon & Rectal Surgery
Gender: Male
USF General Surgery Division
5 Tampa General Circle HMT Suite 740
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 844-4545
Eliana Piedrahita Llano, MD
Specialty: Pediatrics
Gender: Female
USF Department Of Pediatrics
17 Davis Blvd
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 259-8700
Kamal Massis, MD
Specialty: Interventional Radiology
Gender: Male
Florida Interventional Specialists
5 Tampa General Circle Suite 870
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 844-4570
Jeffrey P Jacobs, MD
Specialty: Cardiothoracic Surgery
Gender: Male
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine
601 5th Street South Suite 607
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: (727) 767-6666
Martin Alexander Guerrero, MD
Specialty: Hospital Medicine
Gender: Male
USF Physician Group
12901 Bruce B Down Blvd MDC Box 62
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone: (813) 974-0706
Adam Jay Cohen, MD
Specialty: Cardiology
Gender: Male
USF Department of Cardiology
2 Tampa General Circle 3rd Floor
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 259-0660