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Tampa General Hospital’s physicians, nurses and front-line care providers are prepared to meet the needs of our community. Their courage to put themselves in harm’s way should be a reminder about all the reasons we support the noble endeavor of health care. Thank you for your support. Every gift matters!
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Foundation Forward

The Official Newsletter of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation




In honor of the season of love, we wish to express our gratitude for the tremendous support you have shown for Tampa General Hospital. Throughout this past year, we have experienced your support in a multitude of ways from donated items, meals, and notes of gratitude to monetary gifts that allow TGH to continue to provide world-class care to our community.

You have raised our spirits and truly shown us the compassion our community embodies. We could not do what we do without your support, and for that, we are immensely thankful.




A lot can happen in a decade, especially when you combine a community's compassion with dedicated clinicians. We are celebrating the ten-year growth of the Jennifer Leigh Muma Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and its outstanding new and elevated programs including research, patient volumes and quality of care. A big thank you to Pam and Les Muma and the "Tiny Babies. Big Priority." Campaign that helped launch the NICU into the world-class center it is today.

Our Excellent Care and Advancements for the Most Critical

  • Since 2012, admissions at the Jennifer Leigh Muma NICU have increased from 788 annually to 1,454. The expansion from 42 beds to 82 allows us to care for more babies in the region and those who require more intensive care.
  • The NICU is caring for more critically ill and medically complex babies including those with kidney or urinary tract anomalies requiring dialysis, those with airway obstructions requiring Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment (EXIT) Procedure and those with metabolic disorders.
  • The newer procedural room for babies requiring surgery is heavily utilized with weekly procedures. It is located within the NICU, unique in contrast to other NICUs, so fragile babies don't have to be transported to another floor for a procedure.
  • The NICU has increased support of dedicated physical, occupational and speech therapists specialized in neonatal therapy.

To speak with a development officer about how you can support our NICU's excellence, please click here! 




Resilience is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds and come back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful. After almost one year of caring for COVID-19 patients and facing the difficulties our community and nation have faced, we truly believe our team members at Tampa General Hospital embody the true meaning of resilience. Every one of YOUR donations tells our team members you are there for them and appreciate their dedication every day. Your encouragement and support means the world to our frontline heroes!

Find out how YOU can support our team member resiliency by emailing Lia Ferretti at 



Phil and Betty Casey have been generous supporters of TGH for decades. Their steadfast partnership and generosity most recently led them to commit $200,000 in support of our frontline team members and TGH’s fight against COVID-19. We greatly appreciate Phil and Betty for the impact they continue to have on our great institution and the lives touched through their philanthropy. 



This section features companies who are valued partners of the TGH Foundation.
For more information about our Corporate Partners Program, contact Haley Miller at

We are excited to welcome PetSmart Charities to the TGH Corporate Philanthropy Partners program!

The TGH Children’s Medical Center welcomed our new facility dog and Chief Smile OfficerBelle Valor, to the team in October 2020. PetSmart Charities provided TGH with a generous donation to cover Belle’s food, vet expenses, staff support and overall care. Belle works full-time (40 hours per week) serving the pediatric patients of trauma, inpatient and rehabilitation. She also provides support for the pediatric staff during sensitive cases. 

Currently, our pet therapy program is funded solely by philanthropy. Thank you PetSmart Charities for helping us take care of Belle so she can bring smiles to our patients and team members.




Learn more about the Patient Experience with our newest Beyond the Walls virtual event featuring guest speaker, Lara Klick, TGH's Chief Patient Experience Officer.