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Liver Transplantation Information

Surgeon and team performing liver transplant

Liver transplantation may be recommended when a patient’s liver is no longer able to work properly on its own due to a condition such as cirrhosis or tyrosinemia. However, a transplant is a major operation, and a lifetime of monitoring and medication will be required following the procedure. As such, a transplant is typically not recommended until a patient has attempted (and not benefitted from) all other treatments, or if the patient is experiencing complications that can only be reversed with a new organ.

At Tampa General Hospital, we require patients to have a life expectancy of 12 to 24 months to be considered for liver transplantation. For some people, a transplant can be a life-saving procedure. Tampa General Hospital’s Liver Transplant Program’s longest-surviving patient has survived more than 21 years, and according to data released by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, an overwhelming majority of our liver transplant patients achieve three-year survival. Several factors contribute to our liver transplantation success rate:

  • We take a multidisciplinary approach to organ transplants; many of the medical professionals who serve our patients also act as consultants to other solid organ transplant programs at Tampa General.

  • We partner with one of the nation’s most successful organ procurement organizations, LifeLink Foundation, Inc., enabling us to find suitable livers for many patients on our wait list and maintain the shortest time to transplant of any transplant center in Florida.

  • We perform a high volume of transplants every year, giving our surgeons a breadth of experience.

We evaluate each of our liver transplantation candidates on an individual basis to help determine if the procedure would be the best treatment for their situation. A primary care physician must submit a completed liver transplant referral form to recommend a patient for liver transplantation at Tampa General Hospital.