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Pancreas Transplant Prognosis Information

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The prognosis for pancreas transplant patients is generally positive, and most patients experience an improvement in life expectancy and quality of life following the surgery. Results from Tampa General Hospital’s Pancreas Transplant Program follow this general trend, according to data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR). This organization tracks the results from transplant centers throughout the nation, providing patients and their families with valuable information about the prognosis for pancreas transplant patients for every facility. Before examining the data, it is important to note that pancreas transplant success and survival rates can be affected by a spectrum of factors. For example, Tampa General Hospital’s Transplant Institute is known for accepting high-risk patients whom other centers may not admit. For this reason, the SRTR presents the data from our transplant programs with the national averages, as well as with expected rates that indicate what is anticipated from similarly sized programs with similar patients.

According to data provided by the SRTR, Tampa General Hospital’s Pancreas Transplant Program has a high overall survival rate. The one-year survival rate for the majority of our pancreas transplant patients (including pancreas alone, combined pancreas / kidney, and pancreas after kidney transplants recipients) is on par with the high, national average. The majority of these procedures were combined pancreas / kidney transplants, meaning that each patient received the two organs at one time – a procedure that has a high national average one-year survival rate, according to SRTR.

Not only is the prognosis for our pancreas transplant candidates extremely positive, but the average time to transplant our patients experience is among the shortest in the nation. Thanks to our partnership with LifeLink Foundation, Inc., one of the most robust and successful organ procurement organizations in Florida, an average of half of our patients receive a pancreas (and possible kidney) within less than a year of being listed, according to the latest SRTR report.

For more information about the prognosis for patients at Tampa General Hospital’s Pancreas Transplant Program, please visit the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network or the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.