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The Recovery Process After a Pancreas Transplant at Tampa General Hospital

female physician smiling at a male patientAfter receiving a pancreas transplant at Tampa General Hospital, you’ll likely spend one to two weeks in a private room in our transplant unit. You’ll receive medications for any post-operative pain you might be experiencing, and you’ll be carefully monitored for infection. You and your care partner will also receive special training for your new pharmaceutical needs and nutritional requirements once you go home. However, the recovery process doesn’t end there; you’ll need to return to our pancreas transplant hospital for regular visits with your transplant team, and you’ll have to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of your life.

Before you’re discharged from TGH, you’ll meet with your transplant team to discuss a schedule for follow-up visits. You’ll have quite a few of these visits in the first few months of your pancreas transplant recovery, as the risk of organ rejection is the highest during this time. The visits will eventually decrease in frequency, but you’ll still need to come in at least once per year so that we can make sure your body is responding properly to the transplant. A sample post-transplant return schedule may look something like this:

  • Two visits per week for the first three months of recovery
  • One visit per week from months four through six
  • Two visits per month from months seven through nine
  • One visit per month from months 10 through 12
  • One visit per year each year thereafter

While you’re still at TGH, you’ll also meet with a pharmacist, who will explain the various medications you’ll need to take throughout your pancreas transplant recovery period. You will receive short-term prescriptions for pain and infection, but you’ll also receive a prescription for any anti-rejection medications that are necessary. If you have any questions about your pancreas transplant recovery plan, feel free to reach out to your transplant coordinator for assistance.

Call (813) 844-8686 to be connected directly to the pancreas transplant referral coordinator. The coordinator also can be reached toll free by calling 1-800-505-7769 (press 5 for the pancreas transplant program and ask for the referral coordinator).