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Rectal Cancer Treatments

A range of rectal cancer treatments are available, and the treatment patients receive depends on a variety of factors, including their age and the stage and location of their cancer. Treatment plans usually involve a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Some of the most common rectal cancer treatments include:

  • Targeted drug therapies
  • External beam radiation
  • Internal radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Traditional surgical procedures
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures

Patients who turn to Tampa General Hospital for rectal cancer diagnosis and treatment receive care from a highly trained and experienced team of specialists. At Tampa General’s Endoscopy Center, we provide patients with individualized care, tailoring treatment plans to their specific needs and circumstances. Our goal is to not only provide our patients with the greatest likelihood of a successful treatment outcome, but also improve their quality of life by addressing the specific symptoms of their cancers. For example, patients with rectal cancer often experience changes in bowel movements, which can be disruptive to their lives. We prescribe medications to alleviate chronic diarrhea or constipation as well as perform minor procedures to help patients pass stool that may be blocked by a tumor.

Tampa General Hospital’s patient-centric approach in addition to our use of innovative rectal cancer treatments has earned us a place on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals in the U.S. for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery in 2019-2020. Click here to use our Physician Finder and find a gastroenterologist or call 1-800-833-3627.