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Understanding Colostomy Procedures 

A colostomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to make a temporary or permanent opening for the colon through the abdomen. It may be recommended following an injury or operation to the bowels or intestines. The goal of a colostomy is to provide a way for stool to filter into a bag that is attached to the outside of the abdomen, rather than traveling through the bowels and rectum.

A colostomy may be performed to help address a variety of gastrointestinal issues, including:  

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Colorectal cancers or injuries 
  • Diverticulitis and other severe infections
  • Perineum fistulas (an abnormal connection between organs) 
  • A partial or complete bowel blockage

There are two types of colostomy procedures – a temporary procedure and a permanent, or end, procedure. An end colostomy involves attaching the colon to the abdominal wall to form of an opening (or stoma) where stool can empty into a colostomy bag. A temporary colostomy is similar, but also involves creating a corresponding hole in the abdomen to more easily place the colon back in its natural position when the time is right.

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Contact Tampa General Hospital today if you are experiencing a gastrointestinal issue or have any questions regarding colostomy procedures. If you want to consult with a TGH gastroenterologist regarding a health concern, take advantage of our convenient online Physician Finder or call 1-800-822-3627.