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Psychology & Neuropsychology Services

Coping with a new or chronic medical condition can be challenging. As part of the multidisciplinary medical team, psychologists and neuropsychologists work with individuals and their caregivers to promote recovery and improve quality of life. We also provide evaluation, education and coping strategies to help with understanding medical treatment.

Our team of licensed, doctoral level staff has extensive education and experience evaluating and treating the cognitive, emotional and behavioral impact of health difficulties. We apply knowledge from psychological research and practice while working closely with physicians and other members of the team to promote optimal treatment outcomes.

Psychology services at TGH address the needs of many individuals served in our bariatric, burn, chronic pain management, neuroscience, outpatient, trauma, psychiatry, rehabilitation, transplant, and pediatric programs. Psychologists and neuropsychologists are fully credentialed members of the TGH Medical Staff.