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Frequently Asked Questions About the Transplant Process

My appointment is at Tampa General. Where should I go, and where do I park?

Complimentary valet parking is available for your convenience at the hospital entrance by Harbourside Medical Tower. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and go to the Admissions Office, fourth floor, East Pavilion, to be registered. The transplant coordinator has given preliminary information to the registration staff, but you must review this information. If your address, phone number, or insurance has changed, that information must be corrected at that time. When your paperwork is completed, you'll be directed to the Transplant Clinic.

My appointment is at Tampa General Medical Group. Where should I go, and where do I park?

Tampa General Medical Group is located at 409 Bayshore Blvd. There's also an entrance at 302 Deleon St. Please park in the parking garage. The clinic is on the fourth floor.

What happens if I'm not a candidate for transplantation?

Not everyone is a candidate for transplantation. The last thing we want to do is put someone through transplant surgery who we know will not benefit from this procedure. If you're not a candidate, a report of your transplant evaluation will be sent to your local physician along with any recommendations that our specialists have for your future therapy.

How long does transplant surgery take?

The time depends on the type of transplant you are having and preparation time needed. Individual times vary significantly, but these are the average times: Heart transplant: 4 hours Kidney transplant: 3 hours Pancreas/kidney or pancreas transplant: 6 hours Liver transplant: 8 hours Lung Transplant: 6 hours

How long will I be in the Intensive Care Unit after transplant surgery?

This is determined by many factors, including the type of transplant, whether you were hospitalized before surgery, and your medical history. Kidney transplant recipients may not need to stay in the ICU at all. For other transplant recipients, each person's length of stay will vary, but these are the average times: Pancreas/kidney or pancreas transplant: 2 days Heart transplant: 4 days Liver transplant: 3 days Lung transplant: 6 days

Where can my family members stay while I'm in the ICU?

Tampa General has arrangements with many local hotels and motels to provide rooms at reduced rates to relatives of TGH patients. Please contact TGH Patient Guest Relations, at 813-844-4553 or 813-844-7249, or tell your transplant coordinator that arrangements are needed for accommodations. The coordinator can provide you with a current list of hotels offering reduced rates.

How can I get more information about TGH transplant programs?

Please call 1-800-505-7769 for more information about our transplant programs.